Friday, 29 March 2013

Athens, Georgia....

I had a slightly haphazard agenda for this trip, being primarily about making sure that Mike got away ok, but I was curious to explore the antebellum period in Georgia (definition: the period before the war... just looked that up!) You know the sort of thing, "as god is my witness, I'll never be hungry again"...

There is a narrow strip of Georgia that runs south from Athens to Macon, which Sherman didn't notice (dunno why. Might find out tomorrow when I visit one of these old houses).

So, being pragmatic, I thought, "I'll start in Athens and drive south to Macon, because that's downhill..." Didn't factor in the need to drive 70 miles out of the way to collect a phone charger from the Apple store in Atlanta, and another 150 miles round trip (tomorrow, as far as you are all concerned), to deposit it into the sweaty (grateful) hands of Pom (the walker formerly (and formally) known as Michael).

I reached Athens in the mid afternoon, and checked into my eco-hotel, which is one of only a few hotels that are LEED Gold certified. I like to be supportive - but really, why is it that LEED buildings have to be built to look like prisons from the outside?? Once I'm back in Switzerland, I'll post a picture of our new headquarters in Zug, and that too has prison-like tendencies!

It was a glorious day,  so I went for a wander around the old town. Not so old, and not so town-like really. I was tempted by a couple of jewellery shops (but resisted) and soon found myself back in cell block H with a sweetened iced tea, sitting in a pod chair in the sunshine. Bliss. I like sitting down, I do!

Hunger drove me out of my stupor, and I was not prepared to settle for a subway sandwich like yesterday, so I did some research, and came up with a barbecue place that was about 1.5 miles away, so I decided to walk. Luckily, it was in a residential area, where there are also people who go out running, so I was not shot on suspicion of any sort of dodgy activity for walking - but there weren't many other pedestrians on such a nice evening as I would have expected in the UK. 

I saw a big bug though:

And another....

And a Robot Dog... by an animal hospital - do you think they all come out like that??

Restaurant was fine, but I don't think I like barbecue much!

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